About the site

This web site was created by Israeli Linux enthusiasts. The goal of the web site is to serve as a starting point for Israeli Hebrew-speaking users in their search for Linux-related information. The site is divided into the following sections:

The site strives towards minimalism since we believe a full-featured Linux portal is not necessary in light of multiple other successful sites which fill this niche. For this reason, we are not interested in running features such as news, articles, discussion boards or online chats.

The following free software was used during the site's creation and power the site: Apache web server, Perl (programming language), LibXML (XML/XSLT support), The GIMP (image manipulation tool), Kate (text editor), Vim (text editor), and KXMLEditor (XML editor). No proprietary software was used.


The following people and organizations assisted in the creation and maintainenance of this web site:


The following organisations have made this site possible:

Contact information

You can contact the web site maintainer by email: [email protected].

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